WHITEKISH, the magic charcoal

I’m a Coffee Lover! Always having yellowish teeth. This time I found this product named WHITEKISH, the magic charcoal. This product is make by natural ingredients, charcoal and coconut shell. So, let give a try.

Surprisingly, my first try already can see some effect. Watch my video below:

I also impressed with the effect on just first try. Actually for this product I need to use continuously for a week to see the effect. I think this product will be my emergency date NEED. > <

Instruction to use:

1st week – Twice per day

2nd week – Two times per week

To Purchase, you may visit https://www.whitekish.com/ OR Call/ SMS/ WhatsApp +6017-889 8878

Price: RM89.90 (WM), RM99.90 (EM)

Volume: 10gm

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