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iLearnFromCloud during the lockdown

Feeling lost in the job?
Losing a job during this Pandemic?
Idling and bored at home?
Lost direction?

If all these questions appear in your thought, it’s time to get new knowledge for yourself, for continuous improvement.

Recently I register with an online learning platform, iLearnfromcloud.com and just complete a course named From Rat Race to F.I.R.E. (I choose this course just because the topic look cute)

Why I choose iLearnfromcloud?

iLearnfromcloud have one on one online private coaching option.

With these coaching sessions, participants can better understand the course. As these coaching sessions are conducted privately, there is more confidentiality to guide the student to achieve better understanding.

They designed their course in an online workshop, this allows the employees to attend a full-day session without being on-site. And foreseeing the future, it will be a new model for employee training.

iLearnfromcloud introduce new TOOLs that benefit you

I took the course titled From Rat Race to FIRE, it actually introduces how a normal employee can plan early retirement by providing financial tools.

Look like it’s time for me to plan my pathway to financial independence START from NOW!

Interested to start your learning journey? ILearnFromCloud.com

About iLearnFromCloud – 

ILearnFromCloud.com   is a social learning platform designed to assist you in acquiring skills that will be in high demand in the future. We think that everyone has varied learning abilities, particularly in areas with limited expertise and experience.

Unlike other eLearning sites that provide online courses, we think that the most effective method to study is to have someone by your side, guide you every step of the way, and point you in the right direction when you run into some difficulty. As a result, we can accommodate quick learners (online classes) and those who require customized guidance (coaching & mentoring).

Currently, we have 3 courses which is “The Art Of Problem Solving”, “From Rat Race To F.I.R.E” (personal finance) and” Mind Mapping 101″.

Whether you are 15 years (tech geek) of age or 90 years old (full of living skills), if you have a unique skill that individuals need, we would like to talk to you. We want to bring together those who have specific talents and knowledge to share with others searching for them. Collaboration in a win-win-win arrangement is the most refined recipe for success, and we can’t wait to have you on board.

Website: https://www.ilearnfromcloud.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iLearnFromCloud/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ilearnfromcloud

Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/ilearnfromcloud

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/iLearnFromCloud

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