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My short break trip – Cakka in Singapore

Something that need to take a break and refresh recall my mind back to the original. By attending inspiration workshop will be the best to reflecting what I should do next whenever i keep doing my robot routine on my daily life. Eat, sleep, work and work.

When I heard Cakka in Singapore from my brother, I had just directly said yes to it and let’s fly! I actually planned an individual trip, although is just few hours. Did some research about what cafe should visit in Singapore that near to my favourite must stop place, the Bugis street. Yes, i definitely do my shopping here. And, visited this cafe named Mellower Coffee Singapore. I get attracted by their rain drop concept of coffee and I’m just wanted to find out. The price was surprised me, it cost SGD9, it means MYR30 for a cup of Americano. Aikz.. should I or should I not? Let’s yolo! Get it order! Here you go. The SWEET LITTLE RAIN.

How’s the concept work? It’s actually using the heat of the coffee to melt the cotton candy. Dip Dip Dop Dop… I continue my work in the cafe while waiting the sugar drop into the coffee. Well, I saw other customers are just start eating the cotton candy because never read the explanation for this concept is in the card. Arg Ha! When the cotton candy finished the dropping, it’s a bit messy and I can’t hold the cup due to too sticky~ Nice try! and nice coffee too!

Alright, back to my Cakka story. Share about what I get from the workshop, is really personal thought. Cakka is the meaning of the Buddhist wheel, as a Buddhist understanding, we need to keep the Cakka turning that representing the we keep learning the dhamma, keeping our passion to preach dhamma, keep sharing our dhamma knowledge to more people and also keep on helping on the needs. I went with my gang of dhamma Bro and Sis, may hope we’re continue turning the cakka along the way until the end.

It start with open keynote, What you let into your mind? #throwback take too long ago, sorry about forgotten the note. For the forum session, I had choose the working adult category to discuss striking on balance. Ahem, almost every time attending Buddhist event for working adult, most common question will not run away from like:

  1. I got no time to practice, career had occupied all my time. (no time = no time for meditation, exercise, any activities that help you, you have no time)
  2. Can I just practice 4 percepts? The 5th percept that abstaining from alcohol is really difficult.

By asking oneself, is that just an excuse? Is that because I want to do it? For my own experience, doing exercise is really need a lot mind training, keep doing the routine to run 3KM, really difficult. But, by giving yourself some excuse, is really easy to get off from exercise. Haiya, I won’t lose any weight la. I’m born as fat la. Really? Striking a balance, look through yourself.

Alcohol. I admit myself, I really like appreciating wine and cheese. Also, there is time that I did drink a lot until had difficultly to manage my mind to do my daily job also due to boss invitation to join and can’t reject it. When I come to try to concentrate to finish a task, but the mind will just run everywhere and start thinking when is the coming next drink session? I aware its happen, I decided to stop it and see the changes. It’s work, you’re the person who decide what you should do next!

Discipline on practicing five percepts in your working environment, I can’t explain more and I not really want to pursue a person to change, that’s never happen. Life experience is really on oneself, once you start experiencing it, only you will know it! Continue practicing 5 percepts is really a basic rules in our routine life, you will find it benefiting yourself after all.

Respect every single person in your environment. Every person had their own strength, even the janitor. He/she is the expert of your hygiene in your office, you may not even know how to do house work. Without them, your office won’t be clean and comfort to sit in. Putting the right person in the right position, everybody is that professional. Respecting other also a respect to your ownself.

From the above, office politic is the most common thing happen. You will say nah… say it easy, do it difficult. That’s just an ideal lifestyle. Well, nobody can change anyone, start from by practicing yourself. Abandoned the unwholesome, cultivate the wholesome by you yourself practicing good speech, good action and good thought. Being negative thought is the lead of everything toward to negative, why don’t just start think on positive? Even send some love (metta compassion) to your enemy, may you be well and happy! When he/she is happy, how to he make trouble to you? Cause and effect is just go by one round.

Continue to learn, no stopping yourself to learn. Everyday we face challenge, and actually I do like challenge. I’m satisfied with completing challenge, I know Im insane. You may face not happy in office, because not everything doing your way, there is other way, other people way and all high way~ Haha.. let’s start continuous learning today!!

I found this mural in the university and it’s just suit my title of my job~

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