Angeli, first perfume with Oudh

Angeli, the latin word of angel. The first perfume I knew in Malaysia launch today. The key ingredient of all this Angeli’s collection is the oudh essential oil harvested from the agarwood trees in Malaysia.

What is Ouch? Opps… is Oudh~

Oudh is known for its anti-oxidant, anti ageing, anti-stress, antimicrobial (stopping bacteria to grow), anti-asthmatic (muscle relaxing) and aphrodisiac (improve sex drive) benefits amongst others. And, it also really last longer on the skin. It seem like a gem from the forest.

On today Gala dinner, Forestry Oudh launches this first collection of Angeli named Autumn Sky. This includes Men and Ladies’ Perfume, bath soap, bath bomb, bath gel, mud scrub, salt scrub and the body oil. The event mood set into soft romantic and the smell of Angeli with ballet movement. Nice kan? I’m enjoying the sensation relaxation.


During the press conference, we had the chance to choose our own perfume. Yesh! I can customize my smell. It give us in a small bottle. I can bring it to travel along! Well.. the smell i choose is sweet floral + fruit, it taste like inside a jungle sleeping in orange juice pond with a lot flower beside you. I can’t explain more, especially the oudh smell, it’s the speciality for this perfume.

All the products I got from the event. Although the flavour are different, but the main ingredient is same. Hence, the smell is really similar among all the product. But!!! the speciality of this products’ smell are really limited edition. Why? Due to the ingredient will harvest in different period, with their unique distillation, every single craft had different needs that suit you. For this first collection, the range of smell is slightly mature, it’s more suitable to the ladies above 30. Young girl, please wait for the next collection! LOL

If you’re really interested in Angeli, just buy it now through online by clicking Online shopping is just my favourite ideal!

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