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Discover Trip on Self – Is there really Self?

Joining a retreat is one of my goal for 2017, because:

  1. I never had a comma “,” in my life. From school life till career life till each single of change.
  2. Keep on searching for Buddhist studies knowledge, but I still find I’m left-out something. Even I labelled myself as Buddhist scholar, nothing else.
  3. Giving myself a STOP, the suffering seem solved but actually hidden.

Throughout this 9 days, only myself with the nature without any digital device on my hand. I’m named this as Digital Detoxification. For 9 days:

  1. No phone, computers.
  2. No make up
  3. No dinner
  4. No any material that enhance your appearance
  5. Observe 5 percepts
  6. No high bed
  7. No entertainment

Only have, the nature scenery, good teacher as Bhante Kumara, the cats as your fluffy ball, waterfall and insect rhythm, plenty time of emptiness, time for your mind practicing, go through mind process and find out the ‘self’. For me, this is a luxury gift ever!

What I had go through? Never can explain, only by understand the buddhism(4 noble truth), aware the body & mind, go through every single mind movement (that’s the awareness). Digging every single of scenario, dissect it like in the operation room, the mind will reveal the answer by your own wisdom. Wisdom is not about how intelligent you’re, is all about your life experience and the right understanding with your own right attitude.

From the first few days I’m in peaceful mind due to the environment, my hectic issues never comes into my mind. Through the guidance of teacher, my first interview with bhante had reveal my main problem, that’s bring forward for me to continue investigate about it. Well, that not about magic, it’s just a realisation. Realise yourself why do you behave like that? Is it a surrender? A counterattack? Only you can find out.

From all the action you do, the speech you speak, the thought you thinking. Every each part is influence by our own life experience. Do you know that our sickness actually comes from the mind? Just like if you’re not happy, but you endure to cry; is just like if you feel to shit, but you endure it and become constipation. This all about cause and effect. Without a healthy mind, without a healthy body, this is really true.

I will definitely continue the practice, I hope this small article can influence you that start searching yourself. Let’s go for a retreat! A gift for yourself, the best gift ever.

If want to know about the retreat that I participate, this is their facebook page:

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