Sango Japanese Restaurant – Go for Bento!

Thinking to eat sashimi? soba? yakiniku? arghhh… too many jap food craving! How? Opps, just go for bento! But where?

Sango Japanese Restaurant, it located at Crystal Crown Hotel 2nd floor since 1995. Yes! It’s 23 years trusted Japanese food business, well-known Japanese cuisine created by Chef Shoimi who has been with Sango more than 18 years with management of Mr. Andrew, the owner of Sango. Sango is non stop keep on increasing their quality of food. Let’s go find out what’s hidden inside their bento.

They designed various of bento for you to choose your own favourite of dishes combination. It really colourful of choices, I think each of them had full 5 colours of food and that is really good for your daily nutrition. Haha.. I’m always in health conscious~ 

Name of the menu from left to clockwise:

  1. Salmon Teppan and Tempura Bento – Let’s the seafood swimming in your bento and into your mouth!
  2. Unagi Kabayaki + Age Gyoza Bento – Their unagi is so buttery feeling that melt in your mouth directly.
  3. Yasai Kakiage Bento – This is definitely vegan choice!
  4. Saba Teriyaki Bento – For the fish lover, meow~


Name of the menu from left to clockwise:

  1. Yakiniku Bento – My Favourite!
  2. Sashimi & Sushi Bento – If you raw food eater, must try!
  3. Yaki Udon Bento – A bit sour on the fried udon, 很开胃!
  4. Yakitori Bento – Really mixture of Jap choices


My personal favourite, the stir fried beef, Yakiniku 焼き肉 Bento. For this dish, it really mixed with Malaysian favourite as Chili Padi! A little bit of spicy to live my tongue up!

The Signature dishes:

  1. Sango Bento
  2. Fuji Bento

Sango Bento – Sango’s Signature Bento
Cold Soba Bento Set, the wheat noodles. I like the soba from origin Japan, I’m still can’t search the QQ-ness on what I had before in Japan. This is consider average good with juicy teriyaki salmon. Yum Yum!

Fuji Bento – Sango’s Signature Bento
The sashimi, you can see it right? The fish slide is really thick! I like this generosity, you can taste the fish freshness from here, is fully solve the carve of sashimi!

Restaurant information:
Sango Japanese Restaurant
Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya
2nd floor, Lor Utara A, Off Jln Utara
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.
Open everyday from:
11:00 – 14:30 & 17:00 – 22:30
03-7958 5228


Thanks for Foodlifecoius and Sango Japanese Restaurant invitation for this Bento tasting.

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