Creative Chinese New Year Advertisement

Had been a while not watching television, never really pay attention to the advertisement. I still remember we had a Malaysian director named Yasmin Ahmad that always give impressive, meaningful advertisement especially during our Malaysian festival. Her artwork always touch my heart and recall how important that we Malaysian stay harmony with each other, we’re always friends, we’re not Malay, Chinese, Indian and etc.. WE’RE MALAYSIAN!

So, today I would share with you what I had watched so far. If you have more touching and rumour advertisement, do share with each other to support Malaysian creativity, we’re really really lacked of this awareness. 不是外国的月亮比较圆的~

CNY short film – Think too much liao
Too much idea on Chinese New Year Ads, is traditional idea better or the modern contemporary better idea? But sometimes we really think too much, why not just back to the basic?

The chicken rice shop – He was always alone
This is the identity of Malaysian, how’s your friend try to cheer you when you’re really thinking lonely?

Petronas – A Long Way Home
I grow up from a typical Asian family, also facing nagging parent with a lot patience needed from the kids. But that is the love from parents. Never can stop my tear after watching this.

Nissan – My one better then your One
Never deny, Chinese family or maybe asian family like to compare between siblings, but what to you get at last? What’s the importance value as a family?

Tenanga Nasional Berhad – The Coming Together
The generation now all concentrating on our own mobile games, playing it by own, never have any interaction. Now I’m thinking.. how to reunion my cousins to play together? Really a big challenges!

Mille Tham wishes everyone have a happy Chinese New Year, wish everyone stay healthy and earn wealthy! Thanks for supporting me too and the buatan tempatan videos!

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