The ancient formula – [Diamond] Sapindus Soap

Sapindus nut【无患子|菩提果】also named as soap nut or washing nut, the main ingredient of Diamond Soap is one of the ancient formula as soap that we had forgotten as time past that had replaced by the creation of chemical due to cheaper cost and effectiveness.

This is the main reason that cause us having so many kind of disease, especially the skin disease. Our facial foam, shower gel, shampoo, lotion, etc. All different variety of chemical usage are absorbing easily by our skin especially from our private part. Em em, do you know how serious is that? And how much time needed to detox all the chemical out? Answer is 10 days….. and only 10% toxic will be reduce in this 10 days. WHAT??!! Really?

This 100% natural product, Sapindus Soap is probably the most benefit to us and even the environment. They are actually fruits of the soap nut tree which contains an element known as ” Saponin”, which is 100% natural alternative to chemical detergents and cleaners. Well, you can try to get some soap nut and do your experiment with water, it really become detergent!

But then, no need complicated your life! LOL.. I found the soap named Diamond soap through online shop, a soap that make from Sapindus nut, natural glycerin and coconut oil. I named this as incredible soap!

Why this soap benefit you?

1. It’s your multipurpose soap.
This soap can use as any type of cleaning! You can use this from head to toe, replace your shampoo, shower gel, facial wash and even brush your teeth and use as foam mask!

2. It can become your facial mask.
For mask usage, first step you still need to clean your face one round with the sapindus soap to clean off your dirt and make up, then make the foam again and put on your face. It quite moisturising after use!

3. Save your luggage space.
Oh ya! And you can bring the ONE soap to go travel to save up your space for toiletries, easy up our life!

4. Natural soap that help your skin disease.
Another benefit of this soap, it really helps to those patient that with skin disease. It’s 100% natural product that not burden your body again.

5. Rejoice with aunty visit.
Good news for the ladies that having uncomfortable smell during period. By using this soap, it helps to reduce the smell. Ladies, you know I know la, with the smell during the bad mood day. Haih~

Let me show you how to use the soap to make 5 mins – face mask at the video below as well. Oh ya! By buying this diamond soap, it always comes with net bag for you to put in the soap and convenient to create foam for cleaning. Enjoy!

To purchase this soap, you can get it from this link. CM3Premium

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