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First time step into Natasha Beauty & Wellness, their interior is so pretty and comfy. Is really a place for us to let go everything and to get some relax.

Natasha by Dr Fredi Setyawan

is one of the leading Indonesian brands for skincare, with close to 100 outlets open in all major cities. The story begins over 20 years ago when dr. Fredi Setyawan, eager to care for his wife, first created personalised skincare for her. From there, he ventured into learning more about facial treatment techniques and went as far as flying to Singapore to study at the London Research Center.

Many visits to numerous international beauty seminars later, he developed his first real beauty product, with a focus on it being suitable for the skin of the tropical Southeast Asian region’s inhabitants. Seeing tangible results, word quickly spread among his wife’s friends, with more and more batches of his products needed to fill the demand. Seizing the opportunity, dr. Fredi then decided to open the first Natasha outlet in Ponorogo, East Java to fill in this niche. ‘Natasha’ was taken after the name of their second child, and so a booming beauty business was born. The story continues today with the opening of more outlets, including our very first flagship store in Malaysia opening in November 2017.

Natasha by dr. Fredi Setyawan – Malaysia

They have many range of products, from skincare until make up products end to end. Let me intro some of their star products. I really impress on the effect of each product and … and … and their price for the product is really affordable!!!

Facial Cleanser Oxygen (O2) Bubble – RM60

It helps to clean your face from dirt and make up, makes you feel fresh and moisture. As per my picture, just need a 10 cent amount to apply on the whole face. Without doing anything, the gel will become bubbles on your face. After few minutes, just use dry cotton pad to rub of whole face until clean and DONE. You may wan to rinse by water with your choice.

Leher Pagi Cream (Neck Cream) 

This cream contains UV filter that protected us from sunlight hurt. Our neck line shows our age, by taking care your neck skin is equally important as taking care your skin. Just use it sufficiently amount, for me i just use about 5 cents amount and it enough for me to apply on whole neck. Remember rub even by using hand massage to left and right, it helps product to absorb and also helps your neck skin improve the tightness.

CC Cream SPF20 – RM50

The color correction cream that helps to camouflage black spots, acne scars and wrinkles. It helps to protect my face from the sun too. After applying this CC cream, it give my face color more even feel, but still need to apply foundation for next step.

Natasha skin clinic center at Bangsar not only selling product, they also have provide facial, hair and spa treatment. Tips: Their treatment is really in affordable price! Like their basic facial treatment, it only cost me RM110.. Is that so real to be true?

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Natasha by dr. Fredi Setyawan – Malaysia

96, Jalan Maarof, Bukit Bandaraya, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

For more information, please go to Natasha FB page.

Natasha by dr. Fredi Setyawan – Malaysia


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