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When I analyzed this Ji earth person, he told me that he has no friends and no romantic opportunities. Looking at this chart in general, this Ji Earth is considered a good living person, as he has family support and a lot of money opportunities surrounding him, also directly he should have a lot female friends surrounding him.

But why can’t he find his wife (Direct Wealth)?

As a Ji Earth, his personality is conservative, and prefers to conceal his feelings and thoughts. He is also not a person who is easily open with friends because of the harm between the year and day (Monkey + Boar).

What else can he do if he is so desperate for his love?

He needs to be aware of his close-mindedness and begin making opportunities for himself to make new friends. He can join a networking group or a religious cell group to learn how to speak with people, open his heart to people, and create new opportunities to meet new people. He needs to understand that friendship takes time to develop and that there may be scarification in the interim that causes him to give up. If you understand your own chart well and are aware of your own weaknesses, he can continue to learn from his mistakes and make himself better day by day.

In fact, if he can improve his friendship management and be successful in finding his life partner in the meantime. At the same time, his wealth opportunity may grow concurrently.

Thank you for taking the time to read this analysis.

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