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英雄回家 Returning Home Gala Premiere at GSC Starling Mall

Celebrating CNY with a heartwarming movie with friend. A touching tribute to the unsang heroes from the civil defence, St John Ambulance, Lions Clubs, Fire and Rescus Department and many mores that not showing in the movie.

These productions, Returning Home often explore the challenges faced by front-line workers and the sacrifices they made during the pandemic. Sometimes people forget that they have families, too. They often sacrifice much of their time away from their own families, whilst their families await anxiously for their safe return. During this Chinese New Year, will the heroes return home safely?

“Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a family navigates the challenges and heartaches of a world turned upside down. As the virus spreads and upends their daily lives, they must come together to support one another and find strength in the face of adversity. With humor and heart, this film follows their journey and the sacrifices of the front-line workers who helped keep their community safe. Through this crisis, they discover the power of resilience, the importance of compassion, and the beauty of love in the face of a global pandemic.”

Directed by 何晋亿 Don Hoe and starred by Chen Puie Heng (陈沛兴), Ribbon Ooi (黄若熙), Chazynash, Feon Lai  (黎艳琼), Miau Lim  (林静苗), Stanley Hoe (何炫辉), Teoh Yumee (张玉敏) and special appearance by Jean Tan  (陈郡君), Gai Yew Lan (魏幽兰), David Chin (陈鸿), Jeffrey Leong (梁文辉) and ChyeYang (蔡子洋). This movie will be in Mandarin and Malay language going for a duration of 120 minutes and rated as P13.

It’s a touching family comedy full of happy and sad emotions that will leave you speechless. The interaction between Ah Boon and his grandmother was adorable!

Official Trailer of Returning Home

Congratulations to all of the local young and old actors, actresses, and crews who worked together to create this film.

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